payment problem #1
Posted on 2:39 am 04/20/2018
dear admin..
i also don't know why my account id of PM got a problem when i withdraw on ptc web, they said my account payment have a problem, its really my account PM have used for more time and successed.
Just now i tried to withdraw again but admin's term said " must wait for next time ( 1 week ),
i think it is not's important for you (admin ) , this case ever happened to other ptc web that i become a member it..2 time pending of payment because " account id problem " and end it, i decided to get out of the site..i hope it wil not be happened to this site..
Re: payment problem #2
Posted on 5:41 am 04/20/2018
Hello mashar71

If you read the email that I sent you it included full instructions about how to withdraw for Perfect Money. When I tried the account ID that you put in your request PM came up with a message Wrong Account I will gladly send you a screen print if you do not believe me!!!

The email also asked you to request again. You can request immediately. The 7 day rule applies between RECEIVING PAYMENTS.
Never be afraid to ask.......
Re: payment problem #3
Posted on 1:02 pm 04/30/2018
Hello, my withdrawal request was canceled.
Perfectmoney verified in part, the passport data were confirmed. I sent the receipt for communal payments, they did not accept it because I live in the DNR.
Last edited by chibis00 on 1:03 pm 04/30/2018
Re: payment problem #4
Posted on 9:03 pm 04/30/2018

I fully understand all of the problems about getting verified at PM - I have experienced them myself. However, the PM Support team can be sympathetic and will listen to your problems. I was able to submit a document that they accepted after talking to them a few times.
Verification is part of our security system now, so we cannot make any exceptions. Sorry. You can always use Bitcoin or Alt coins.
Never be afraid to ask.......
Re: payment problem #5
Posted on 5:59 pm 05/05/2018

one, more question where do I put my email address, id account or pin id....this bit coin is all new to me.


tkz a bunch...

Re: payment problem #6
Posted on 8:46 pm 05/05/2018

Enter email in account ID. PIN in PIN.
Never be afraid to ask.......

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