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Valentine\'s Promo #1
Posted on 7:08 am 02/12/2018
Hello My Dear Members

Hello My Dear Members

*** STOP PRESS ***
We are now accepting several additional Crypto Coins.

You can now make purchases using the following Coins:

>> BitCoin
>> BitCoin Gold
>> BitCore
>> LiteCoin
>> DogeCoin
>> Etherum
>> Dash -- NOT DashCoin
>> BlackCoin
>> PeerCoin
>> PrimeCoin
>> PotCoin

As these are new additions it will take a while for us to build up funds so we will allow members to request payments using Perfect Money OR BitCoin IF you have upgraded using one of the above.

Valentines Day is rapidly approaching, so to show just how much I love you all, I am running a Purchase Balance (PB) Bonus from now until server reset on the night of February 14. You can use any of the above coins in addition to our normal Processors, by selecting the BTC (CoinPayments) Option. If you should encounter any problems just contact Admin and I will send you the Coin address.

Add $2.00 - $2.99 to your PB and get 10% Bonus added
Add $3.00 - $3.99 and get 15% Bonus
Add $4.00 - $4.99 and get 20% Bonus
Add $5.00 - $9.99 and get 25% Bonus
Add $10.00 or More and get 40% Bonus added.

It is very easy to add funds to your Purchase Balance. Go to your Account Page and CLICK the amount in your PB (even if it is 0.00). This will then take you to the Payment Processor options. Select your preferred Payment Processor and that\'s it!!

All Bonuses will be added manually, so please allow me some time to approve your funds and include the extra money.

Remember - You DO NOT have to spend your PB straight away. It will remain available until you need it. For example, you can add $5.00 now, Use part of it to Upgrade and save the balance for when your Upgrade expires.

If you Upgrade your account we DO NOT apply the Must be Verified OR have Trust Score of 5.00 or above rule.

Happy Valentines to y
Last edited by admin on 5:08 am 02/13/2018
Never be afraid to ask.......
Re: Valentine\'s Promo #2
1.04 $
Posted on 10:33 pm 02/12/2018
Great promo Admin

Sent funds via Payza,waiting for approval,

Thank you
Re: Valentine\'s Promo #3
Posted on 1:59 am 02/13/2018

Thank you. Now processed including your Bonus.
Never be afraid to ask.......
Re: Valentine\'s Promo #4
10.17 $
Posted on 5:50 am 02/13/2018
Very Good!
I send on purchase balanse $4
And now I have $ 4.80
Re: Valentine\'s Promo #5
Posted on 1:05 pm 02/14/2018
Good Promo ADMIN.

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