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proposal #1
Posted on 10:02 am 10/26/2018
Message Hello admin here is what I propose:
1. You must allow purchase of ads through the balance of the account to attract more investor and encourage members to invest for advertising.
2. sell packs of $ 5- $ 10- $ 20 with a return of 50% investment after one month but: - allow the withdrawal of 10% of earnings every 6 cheeks (10% * 5 = 50%) in end of the month allows the withdrawal of the amount that remains (invested)
example: I invested $ 5 for a level1. I get $ 1.5 every 6 days but I can only withdraw $ 0.5
but at the end of the 30 days I can withdraw my $ 5 invested so 50% of blessing or reinvest them via the balance of the account.

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