How Paid to Programs Work! #1
Posted on 11:25 pm 11/26/2019
How Paid to Programs Work!

So many people have the perception that when you join a PTC program that all you do is click on ads for fractions of pennies, for long periods of time in hopes of a small cash out! This is not how this works. The plan is not to make pennies, but to make dollars, and lots of them. I have been involved with paid to programs for over fifteen years, so I can show you how to make real money.

The first step is to find a paid to program that offers a good number of ads, and keep in mind that referral commissions are key!

The second step is promoting your affiliate link and start getting your referral team together. I have seen many people promote and recruit a nice line of referrals, but still just click away earning the minimum.

The third step is purchasing an upgrade that will give you a much better earnings status, as well as a much larger referral earnings, and the BEST part is that you get commission when your referrals upgrade and make purchases. Now you can educate your downline on how to upgrade, promote, and make even more money! For instance, if you are upgraded and you get 25% commission, when your downline upgrades or purchases $20 dollars of product, you get $5!
Great things CAN always be accomplished!
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